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Parrots/african grey parrot injury


Hello, I have a 1 1/2 year old bird who managed to open a hook from a toy and hooked his lower mandible through his vent. I freed him finally but there was some bleeding and now a day later it is swollen and protruding slightly.  Is this a risk of death? what should I do other than treat it topicaly and hydrate as best as possible?

-- I'm not sure what you're putting on it to "treat it topically".  Birds do not fare well with ointments or salves made for mammals and these products can lead to death.

 The risk in this type of injury is peritonitis, among other things.  Given that these birds are sentient and live a human life span, we have to have a vet in place for them just like we would one of our children.   These birds have the intellect of a human toddler and they understand complex emotions, they have a sense of self and they know what death is.

 Please, please get this bird to a doctor.   Just like you wouldn't treat your child's broken arm at home, you can't treat your bird at home.  

Even I would take one of my own in for Xrays and a consult with another doctor.  


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