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I have a cockatiel question.  I have this male cockatiel that is 10 years old.  We keep him in a four foot tall cage that is three feet wide.  We haven't changed anything with the cage or his surroundings everything is the same.  He has been acting funny lately for the past week.  He steps up on a perch than steps down onto another perch behind him over and over again making weird bird squeak noises.  Then sits next to one of his toys and hits it and makes a weird noise again, then hits his toy again he does this over and over again.  When we let him out he walks around all over the top of the cage walking around and making that weird noise sounds like baby birds wanting to be fed noise.  But he doen't looks sick I know birds hide thir sickness.  He is not all fluffed up, he is not favoring any limb or anything, physically his body looks fine.  He still eats, drinks, plays, sings, hops around, and calls us every morning, every other behavior is still the same, the other behavior I mentioned earlier he just started doing the past week.  Have you heard of this before.  Does it has something to do with his hormones?

Thank you for your time.

 Tell me more about what he eats, what his basic diet is (seed blend, millet, or pellets) and anything fresh he likes.

You're doing a great job at the cage size, so clearly you care for him

When he does this action you're describing does he rub up against the perches or toys?  

His noise is a low, grating sort of growl right?  

Droppings looking normal in color, consistency and amount?  


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