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I recently adopted a 12 year old male Senegal who lost his mate of 10 years about a year ago. the aviary did not want to start him over as a breeder. he is quite gentle and we hardly hear a peep out of him . He will not interact with my husband and me. He sits with his back to us and when I offer him foods other than seeds, he takes them and throws them. How long should it take for him to warm up to us? Or could this just be his nature. We sing and dance, talk to him sing his favorite songs. could he be depressed?
thank you , I hate to see him so reluctant to have fun with his flock.

-- Absolutely yes, he could be depressed.  It is not unusual for these birds to suffer such severe grief that they end up making themselves sick.

As strange as it sounds, talk to him.  Tell him you understand that he feels lonely and sad.  Pretty much, treat him like you would any person who has lost a long time companion.  

What most people don't know is that these birds are sentient.  That means, like apes, elephants, dolphins and we humans, they know what death is.  They feel loss and sorrow.

Change his routine a little and be sure to change out the inside of the cage too.  By putting new things in there and engaging with him more and more, it should help him move past his mourning and establish a new bond with you

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