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Parrots/wavy feathers


I have a green cheek that is about 2. I bought her and a male at the same time but not from the same clutch. He has beautiful thick full feathers, but she has sparser ones and her tail feathers seem wavy like to me.  I have 8 parrots, I rescue. I did buy these guys though. (went to get one, had to take both, you get what I mean. I could not leave her behind). She will pull on her chest feathers, but only the colored ones, she has never "plucked" herself. They are yellow sided, both of them. Her wings have gray feathers sticking out all between them, the downy type.  I have never seen that before. She just has much poorer plumage, I guess, and all of them are cared for and fed the same way, fresh food, nuts, pellets and I cook and bake for them. They eat little to no seed. Is there a supplement that may help?  I have been out of palm oil, would that help? She is a piece of work, nippy little girl. I adore her.

--- Feathers growing straight up or in what looks like a curled/wavy fashion, sometimes called “angel wings” may be the result of nutritional deficiency, most often in the way of too little protein.
  Quite often these symptoms are just part of a larger problem, including liver disease, all the result of severe vitamin A deficiency which results from seed diets.   

 Because the condition is likely more complicated than just foot involvement, this bird absolutely needs to see a qualified vet and be diagnosed for sure.  

 You really must see your vet about this.  Left untreated, no matter what it is, has a significantly higher chance of becoming a serious health threat.   Birds are masters at hiding illnesses.  By the time you notice anything wrong, it’s usually gone on for quite a while longer than you imagine – so there’s no time to waste.
Good luck and keep up the very good care


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