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Parrots/Green cheeked conure exposed to mold


Hi, a few minutes ago, my Green Cheek got into some strawberries we didn't know were moldy that someone had left out on the counter. We're not sure how many or how much he ate, because he usually just spits out his fruit anyways. Should we take him to the vet? Do you think he will be alright without vet care or not? How bad is mold for conures? Thanks!

-- Mold isn't good for any living thing, but you shouldn't have anything to worry about with your conure.

 First, chances are he didn't actually eat it.  These birds know what's good and what's bad.  

Even if he did eat some, as long as he's healthy his liver will process the toxicity out of his body in a day or two

IF he shows symptoms such as inability to perch steadily, loss of balance, polyuria (very watery poops on a consistent basis), lethargy, discharge from mouth or nares (nose) - see your vet within 24 hours

  If his poops develop an odor - see the vet

  If he starts to vomit or regurgitate - see your vet

Otherwise, observe, double check all food before serving and remove fresh foods after they've sat out for 2 hours

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