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We have an 8 month old, female, black headed caique.  We've had her since she was 14 weeks old.  She is handled every day and included in breakfast and dinner meals.  

She recently developed, what I presume to be, territorial behavior towards strangers.  She has bitten and drawn blood several times now.  It is at the point where we cannot let her out of the cage if we have visitors.  To be honest I think she's happier that way too.  Maybe she feels safer.

She can also get aggressive towards myself and other members of the family.  I am her favorite.  She will often nip around my neck and bite my fingers.  She gets quite cranky if she doesn't get her way.

We probably haven't done a lot of training with her, other than the 'step up' command.  Which is follows most of the time.  

I'm just wondering how do I deal with the aggressive behavior towards us?  With the visitors, we can manage it by keeping her in her cage, but I'm not sure if that's the solution or not.

What are good behavior techniques to teach her and how do I go about it?

Hey!,Thank u for ur question.
i have heard , solved and dealt with these types of unwanted agressive behaviours towards parrots and here is the reason: All parrot species whether small or large develop a sort of "dominant" behaviour when they are close to maturity stage especially females. Maturity occurs at 1-2 years or anything close to that. Your caique is currently approaching maturity and so it might develop what we call "the territorial-type" behaviour towards people and mybe other birds too. Other reasons may be that you have done somthing that it hated and showed a negative reaction towards it resulting in "the territorial behaviour". Parrots are extremly sensative and i , myself have dealt with such extremly sensative things that humans do and parrots take it very offensively and thus become very dominant about it.

How to solve it?
This is a secret in my youtube channel that you can check it out named "the parrot whisperer" and here is the video that will help u to solve it :

To get rid of this dominant behaviour: 1-Never let a bird passing through maturity sit on your shoulder as that makes it dominant.
2-never place ur bird above shoulder level as it will think that it is the "boss" and bite you unexpectedly. It may be extremly jealous of visitors as you are showing them a lot of attention when they come and you are leaving her alone making her angry from you. So, what i suggest it : when visitors arrive, leave her in the cage but leave the cage door opened and always interact with her even while visitors are their and let them also show her some affection from time to time. When you cant interact with her then leave her in another room not to see you interacting with other people. Much more details that will help you are in my video above . Hope you subscribe and like our facebook page named bird tameness

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