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My macaw named "Oliver" saw my father pass away as he was in the same room. Ever since then he has been picking out his chest feathers. Now he is completely bald. What can i do?

Hello there, sorry for the late reply. It seems an email has not arrived to me. thank you for your question. Oliver is feather plucking and this may be due to several reasons.Depression, agression, lonliness or other several reasons. Here the case is lonliness and depression from the information you kindly supplied. Oliver is suffering lonliness/depression due to him not having anyone to see or interact with causing boredom.
Now, the question here is how to stop this?
Stopping this is quiet of a trick that may be difficult or simple depending on how serious the depression is.The ultimate solution is toys !. 1. Supply him many ropes, wooden toys,papers hanged from top of the cage,  mirrors, clean water, sunlight, fruits, vegtables. The reason I mentioned ropes, papers and wooden toys is that he will find somthing else to direct  his anger  on and chew off; moreover, the reason why i mentioned mirrors as that will make oliver see his reflection thinking its another bird. So place the mirror somewhere your parrot always sits so that he can always watch himself and within a few days he will interact with himself; furthermore, the reason why i mentioned clean water, fruits and veggies is to get rid of his boredom. If you have a small cage, upgrade to a larger one and if you have a circular cage then change it to another one as circular cages make parrots restless. Your parrot might take some time to adjust to the toys and may be frightened however within time he will start to play with them. The toys i mentioned specifically are extremly important for a happy healthy parrot. Dont give only sunflower which kills the bird in the long run. Talk to your bird, take it out and give it some time.

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