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I have an Indian Ringneck who had been neglected or abused in her early life. She was terrified of any attention and she has no feathers on her chest and her tail/wings feathers aren't full enough for meaningful flight. Since I took her in about 4-5 years ago (she is approximately 14 years of age) she has become my best friend and I can play with her and pet her but she's not ready to get on my hand or shoulder. She seems healthy, is a good eater of fruits and vegetables as well as seeds, loves peanuts and is amazingly social but only with me.  She no longer shakes in fear when others talk to her or replace her food/water.I give her vitamins and supplements and she has more feathers than several years ago but she still has a bare chest and neck. She is so sweet and very happy but I don't know why her feathers are weak-looking. I never see her pluck them . She is a completely different bird than when I first took her in and plays on her own and with me.  Any suggestions ? Thank you for your time.

jungle shower
jungle shower  
Hello there,It is sad how a large percentage of these lovely feather friends with great personalities are severly abused and neglected. You drew a smile on my face when you said how she loved playing with you and enjoy your company. You indeed must have done a huge job to keep her healthy and happy. God knows how thankful she is to you and that is why she is letting you pet her. Do you know that almost 70% of the abused birds usually dont change their attitude to owners ?, but yours did and that is because of your large effort and it is rewarding you by letting you pet it and play with it. As for chest feather problems that is because of her past. Usually feathers grow back if plucked however if the holes from which the feather stems sprout were damaged then that will be a permenant effect that cannot be fixed.

How can you improve its feathers and possibly let them regrow back?
You can use the jungle shower lotion which contains vitamins and nutritions for a glossy, healthy and strong plumage. I have seen great results out of it in a few weeks only !. It makes a great difference. Your bird may not love it but it will definitely help out in making the feathers better.I attached a picture of that jungle shower so that you can have an idea.

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