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Parrots/Bourke parakeets, cockatiels and budgies?


Erin wrote at 2013-01-31 03:03:37
It depends on the personality of the birds but I would say no to the budgies.  They tend to be rather aggressive to other birds, including other budgies.  Cockatiels and Bourke's tend to be much more laid back.  Now, there will always be exceptions to that rule but generally they are both fairly calm compared to a budgie's boundless energy and chatter.  

I have two Budgies, a Cockatiel, and a Bourke.  They are all caged separately except for the two budgies.  They do all get free flight time together but I have to watch them since the budgies have no qualms about chasing the others away from anything they want.  My Bourke is definitely intimidated by the budgies because of their aggressiveness and the tiel's size but she gets on better with the tiel since they tend to leave each other alone.     

I realize that this could be particular to my birds' personalities but I have read of many similar experiences.  


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