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atvchick wrote at 2013-01-29 01:12:58
I beg to differ- this answer just proves This person has no knowledge on bird genetics or breeding. when it comes to Lutino's IF ONLY THE FATHER WAS A LUTINO THEN ALL VISUAL LUTINO BABIES ARE FEMALES no reason for DNA what so ever it's with out a doubt 100% female.. Lutino is SEX LINKED this means females can not be split to it, they have the sex linked mutation(lutino, cinnamon, etc) Visually or they do not have it at all. I have a Lutino Male paired to an American Cinnamon Violet Pied female I can sex the babies the second they hatch, All red eye babies are females!

Also no you can not house 3 birds together, specially when 1 is male and 2 are female, The male will breed with both females, he can kill himself by taking care of both females and not keeping any food for himself, Also the 2 females can fight over the male and one can end up dead because of this.

Instead of asking questions on pages like this and getting wrong information from unknowledge people, Seek out a Breeder A good Reptuable breeder will know about genetics, Mutations, and will be able to give you truthful answers. Like I just have because I am a breeder and I know the genetics of Lovebirds as I breed them myself.  


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