Parrots/dry skin


Toby's Mother wrote at 2008-12-07 00:55:06
Also Try egg food if you're worried about minerals and vitamins you can buy this at any bird store or some regular pet stores. be sure that you reed the package carefully. i give my bird one days worth of food and then add a table spoon or so of egg food on top a few times a week so that i know he's getting what he needs. if your bird does not like fresh fruits and veggies try either putting his favorite tree hidden in some lettuce or try burying his food under some organic alfalfa sprouts that way even if he thinks he's foraging he'll still get the taste of it in his mouth and perhaps decide he likes it. hope this helps. :D

Marsha wrote at 2015-07-21 22:47:33
I use Alevera juice with water on my birds feathers


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