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I have been watching American elections since 1988 and have still not figured out why the media "project" an election when here in the UK we wait until each district's votes are counted (even if it takes all night) before announcing a result.

Is there a reason why the media "project" an election or is it just for them to say "First for Election Results election after election"?

Dear Harry,

Your speculative answer is basically the right one. I think the basic difficulty that does arise is that much of the public confuses the media projection with an official election result - not helped by the practice of using the word "call," as in, "Well, we're calling this one for Bush." So to many people, who don't really understand the fine points, it seems like it's all over once the election is "called" by the networks.

It's also partly the way that our Electoral College works - i.e., a particular state may be very late in counting its votes, but if the majority is already determined then the outcome of the election is known. I guess that would be true in the UK as well - there may be a few constitutencies outstanding, but you might still know which party has won the majority.

Hope this helps!


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