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Dr. Berg,
I am a college sophomore, and I recently changed my major to a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in either Business Law or Admin, or Economics.  The town that my school is in, is very secluded, even though it is a big school.  I was wondering where the best places were, in order to get a paid internship, possibly a paid summer program, etc. Also, what would the best route be in order to get involved right after graduation.  I know I want to go to Graduate school and get my Masters Degree sometime later, but I most likely won't have the money to do so after my initial graduation.  I have considered the fields of Environmental Policy, Intelligence Agencies, State or Federal Legislation, FEMA, EPA, etc.  Starting off at a low level, then working my way up is my initial plan, as well as moving out of the state that I am currently in.  Also, I am interested in possibly moving to another country, later down the road of course.  I have a cousin who is in college for the same general thing, with Political Science and Gov't, and Business. He has referred me to the groups American Progress, as well as the Institute for Humane Societies and their summer programs.  Do you have any other suggestions in order to build my experience, and get my feet wet a bit?

The best source of advice is your college's career services office. Second is your faculty advisor. It's difficult to be more helpful from a distance, especially since you seem uncertain as to field. I will offer one suggestion - manny federal agencies have paid summer internships. You can find about these through each agency's website, and also perhaps through the Office of Personnel Management, the federal hiring agency.

Good luck in your quest!


Participating in the Political Process

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