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I live in an area where I have physical access to 2 county libraries but of course only have residency in one. My angle is that there are resources in every library that would be useful to people looking for info. I believe it is wrong, and detrimental to a society when we put any limits on knowledge.

So who do I talk to about fixing it? Do I write to my congressman, do I make a speech at the city counsel meeting? I want to create an inter-library loan system like we had in college. Where if Bills Chicken Gutting Institute in Sillybuz Kentucky has a book, they will send it to me in Oregon. I want people to be able to walk into any library close to them and get what they need to learn.

Thank you for your help. I realize this might be a weird one but I realize you might be thinking that while texting someone about your lunch, so yeah...

Dear Andrew--

I suppose you have already asked the librarians about the possibility of inter-library loan. Many do have it, at least within their state.

Beyond that, you would need to find out where the residency restriction comes from: is it a policy that comes from the libraries themselves, or is it imposed on them by the county or the state? Once you know, you can approach your county board member or state representative and see if they are amenable to proposing legislation to change it.

Here in Massachusetts, I am pretty sure that any state resident can use any public library. It did not used to be that way, so someone changed the policy at some point. (The only reason I am not 100% sure is that I am at a university, so I use the university's library).

There are probably going to be some restrictions with electronic resources, however. Libraries buy access on the basis of restricing the audience. Usually anyone who is physically present in the library can use the resources, but to use them remotely you have to login -- and the price libraries are charged for subscriptions requires them to not let just anyone login.

I don't know if this answers your question, but I hope it will get you started.



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