Participating in the Political Process/Why people run for political office


Jamie wrote at 2013-06-26 06:32:07
They like it because they get a salary for only working half of the year, feeling special, getting free stuff occasionally, attending events that make them feel important and yes, helping the community, etc.  Also, they run because of the high they get from manipulating people into voting for them and knowing that it is all a sham!

Participating in the Political Process

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John C. Berg


How to run for office and win, how to lobby, how to promote your political cause effectively, how to get involved in electoral and issue campaigns, how to get a job in politics.


I have been a professor of political science since 1974, and direct a graduate program in professional politics. I have worked on many campaigns in various capacities.

American Association of Political Consultants, American Political Science Association, Caucus for a New Political Science, National Society for Experiential Education, International Political Science Association.

Polity, New Political Science, Policy Studies Journal. Author of Unequal Struggle: Class, Gender, Race, and Power in the US Congress.

PhD, Harvard University, 1975
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