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Party of Five/Song - Season 3- Episode 16


"I wonder , the music that plays when Grace takes Charlie to the room , speaking of the early spring , wanting to show a ávore that could see her room , and the two end up beijando.a music spoke , I think , on " feel in love " .Sorry by improvised both English ... lol
thank you!"

Hi Adriana.  Unfortunately, questions about music with this show are hard to answer.  I assume you have watched the episode on DVD.  Well, keep in mind that all of the songs were changed for the DVD releases.  A lot of the music that was originally used on the show was fantastic and well chosen, but much of that has been lost now.  If that is the case, you may not be able to easily identify the song because it appears that most of the music used in the DVD versions of the episodes is largely unidentifiable for whatever reason.  Good luck with your search.

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