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im a girl, my birthday is January 4th and I will be turning 12. I have no idea what to do for my birthday part and I need some help with food, decorations, the guest list,(how many people to invite) and of course entertainment! I know for sure that this will be an all girl party and im leaning on the idea of a sleepover. the earliest the party could start would be around noonish. I have had other birthdayparties before  and they have been just a sleepover and I didn't really have anything superfun planned. I really want this to be a good party!!! could you also give me some advice on what to talk about in our free time so it won't just be gossip? thank you so much! I really appreciate it!!

Dear Grace:

I am not really an expert in teen parties but I do know that most girls like to do things that they have seen at other parties that were a big asking your friends for suggestions will get you the best ideas.
These days, most teens have IPods, texting, etc.  So be ready for a lot of that going on.

There are so many websites that feature just the type of party you are planning...I think you will find dozens of good ideas, there.  But I think your friends will be the best for getting your party to be customized to their ideas...

Favorite foods and snacks are usually easy for you young people.

Best to you for a super successful and fun party.

Patty Sachs

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