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Party Planning/Invitation Wording for First Birthday


QUESTION: I'm coming up with a blank for my granddaughter's first birthday invitations.  We are doing a Disney on Ice party and her favorite character is Minnie Mouse.  Can you help with wording?

ANSWER: Hi Jackie

Always love to help with wording ..... but DO need some info. Sounds like a good party .... but so I can find some suitable stuff to use / rhyme etc:

1) When IS the party?
2) What is the party girl's name?
3) Where will it be (town etc)
4) Will it be on an ice rink? If not .... where odes the Ice theme come in?
5) Will there be any Disney Characters there?
6) DO guests need to follow the theme? If so, how?

That should provide some meat to work with.....


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry - here is the info that you requested.

1.  Party is Saturday, February 2nd at 7:00 - can get in to the arena beginning at 6:00.
2.  Addison - Addy
3.  Trenton - NJ at the Sun National Bank Center
4.  The Disney on Ice show features - characters from Cars - Little Mermaid - Toy Story and Tinker Bell and Pixie Hollow
5.  The invitations are Minnie Mouse related
6.  No need to follow the "theme"  
7.  We have a private suite - and are having 24 people - mostly adults - but three one year olds - so the kids will have a place to be watched without getting under anyone else's feet.

We were kicking around ideas like - Grab your ears - it's time to cheer - Addy is turning 1.  But thought maybe you could come up with something much better.

Thank you for your help.


I think your wording is great. Here's a few other lines to play with ..... go on .... you know you can do it yourself...which will be more satisfying for you!

Grab your ears - it's time to cheer - Addy is turning 1

On February 2 - here's what to do ....

... so add it to your diary for Addy

It's Disney On Ice .... so everythings nice

a party for mini Addy who'll be 1

Hope these few lines help you construct something simple, informative and fun


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