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What is some nice wording for bridal invitations to out of towners? We are sending invitations to out of towners (mostly family), but don't want them to think .....know you can't come but expecting a gift.  Nice way to say thinking of you but no need to send a gift.

Patty Sachs
Patty Sachs  
Dear Cheryl:

To my knowledge there is not a way of inviting someone to a wedding with any mention of their not being able to attend, etc.
The proper etiquette is to send the invitation that you are sending to everyone and let invited guests make a decision re: attending, sending a gift, etc.
The invitation is not considered an invoice--believe it or not, one who accepts the invitation and attends is not obligated to give a gift.

I hope this helps...

If you speak to any of these out-of-town guests via e-mail, skype or is perfectly acceptable to let them know that you wish that they could be there and that you do not expect a gift.  They will do exactly what they want to do.

Best of luck, I know that your invitation will be just perfect for all.

Patty Sachs
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