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We will be celebrating our sons first birthday and baptism as one big party. But I canít find the perfect wording for the invitation, specially because I would like it in a poem of some sort. I fell like it should include our names(parents: Leslie, Elias), but also the godparents Ricardo and Olivia. I am worried all the names will take away from our son Emmanuel, the main star.
Another problem Im having is how to word another part of the invitation. Our son has enough toys and clothes and really doesn't need any more. But I want to give people the option to bring what they would like. But I would like them to know we are starting a college found for him and would rather have contribution towards his college found, but in a nicer way.


I don't attempt to write poetry .... but especially when you clearly have very specific things you wish to deliver within.

Personally I think you should make a clear statment regarding the ptresent / fund donation otherwise it may be lost within the poem invite.

SO .... have fun with the names and rhymes (and I'd include the venue etc too) .... and add some important details re date / times etc and present info in a brief small print para underneath.


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