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I'm planning my daughter's first birthday party at a local facility that's got really nice space - natural light and light hardwood floors.   There isn't a 'theme' but I will select a couple of colors to bring it all together.  Might even do rainbow colors, but that's still in the air. My challenge is that I'm not allowed to tape, tack, hang, or otherwise adhere anything to the walls, floors, ceiling.  I will use colored table cloths and balloons on each table for color, but I really would like to have a display dessert table - you know the kind everyone is posting on pinterest!  :)  I know that I've got to have varied heights on the table, but I feel like it will sort of fall flat without a backdrop. (They just have plain white walls)  Any thoughts on how I can make a dessert table into something without a backdrop?  Or how to make some kind of backdrop without adhesives?

Many thanks!

Hello; a dessert table is a great idea. What I would do is make the dessert table the center or back drop. Possibly mix the dessert table with a sweet table and put some easels around the room with pictures of what you would like to convey as your theme. If you would like some more in depth answers please send me an email at I would be more than happy to exchange some ideas with you. Hope this helps, have fun. Sandra

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