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I am not sure how much may be related and partly why I am asking the questions.  Up until May of 2012 I had not seen a hospital stay since ankle surgery in 1989.  To go back prior to May I have experienced and complained off and on about fatigue, pain in my hips,back and more recently my right groin.   The pain impacts my ability to sleep and is distracting enough to transform me from a super star employee to an average employee.  For a while ( past few years with it more frequent in last year) I will experience the headache,body aches and low grade fevers, and sometimes chills associated with a flu maybe once a month to once a week.  Many times it will go away after a day of rest and my usual remedy includes Alka Selzer, Excedrin, no work.  Any way all May I was experiencing this every 5-7 days and would rest a day or half a day and push on.  By the end of May stomach ached and I was having an inability to generate a bowel movement but had feelings as though I should be going.  Ultimately I ended up in ER and learned I had a Diverticulitis attack with an Abycess that had to be drained.  I was in the hospital for a week.  Recently, I had what felt like the flu.  After taking a nap I woke up to find my ear swollen and inflammed and face distorted and puffy.  I ended up in the hospital for a week while different antibiotics were used before they landed on a combination that started to work.  I have not learned the final/final lab results but a culture did develop after I was discharged that indicated Staph.  In addition to the symptoms above my ears itch internally and I have been given drops.  One last symptom that is within the past 10 months that may or may not be related is my eye sight changes somewhat significantly.  An Optholmologist seemed to think it was ultimately a condition ( forgot name) that happens to 35-50 years olds.  So after several years of stable vision correction within months my Contac Lens prescription varied from -5.0 to -6.5. Sometimes I need reading glasses over my contacts and sometimes I do not.  THis week I do- last week I didnt.  Lastly, I got some test results back and my Lymphocytes are Low ( 23) and my ANA came back Abnormal - Postive, Speckled, 1:80.  So I am being told I more than likely have Fibromylagia.  My concern is with two one week stays in the hospital for two different infections shouldnt my doctor want to investigate further?  Maybe those results in themselves are somewhat mild but in someone with two infections resulting in week long hospital stays?  Could this be the start of something? something else going on? I am a 46 year old male; I work as a Business development Manager;  I was coaching Youth Baseball but took a break after the First hospital visit this year.

Hello Jason:

You have had two major episodes of infection which have been severe. In bacterial infections the total white count increases with increase in neutrophils and relative decrease in lymphocytes. As the infection subsides all counts revert to normal range.

Was your total count raised when the lymphocytes were low? Is so a repeat count in a month will be helpful, if the total count is normal or still increased and lymphocytes low and / or dropped further a bone marrow examination will be required.

Yes further follow up / exams and test may be needed to pinpoint a diagnosis


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