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I developed anemia in July after normal tests in april. Iron fell from 89 to 49; TIBC from 414 to 424 (up a little); ferritin from 50 to 180. Sat % from 20 to 11.6. I went to the hospital in August for what I thought was kidney pain. Labs showed WBC 7.5 andHigh eosinophils (absolute (.13)) and basophils (absolute .04). I calculated the absolute immature granulocyte at .0375 from the percen of .7 (I think 7/10 of a percent). they said it was an infection and I forgot about it. I have since read the anemia chapters of some hematology text books and I am worried about luekemia. Recent lab 11/15/12 shos Iron up to 50, TIBC down far to 345 and Ferritin also down to 96. It seems like anemia of chronic disease and Iron deficiency mixed (bleeding?).. what is the next step? I would like to redo the WBC differential and also check the reticulocyte level . My doctors have just taken a keep testing approach which I don't like if a simple test would make a marrow disorder the likely culprit. Confused !

Hello Chris:

O diagnose anemia the hemoglobin and red blood cells have to decreased. A peripheral blood smear and bone marrow exam will help explain morphology of blood cells.

For leukemia the the WBC are usually very high or can be low, you have normal counts. The physician needs to ascertain anemia and it's cause and treat accordingly.


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