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Pathology/low platlets. low wbc, low anc


My 23 year old son had a platlet count of about 70 two years ago after a bout of idiopathic pancreatitis.  No treatment was prescribed and he has seemed healthy since. He just had bloodwork done again.  His platlet count is now 123.  While this is better, it is still low.  His WBC is 3.6, which was flagged as low on the report.  His ANC is 1.7, and his ABS SEG is also 1.7.  Our doctor diagnosed this as ITP, but reading about this disorder online makes me wonder if this diagnosis is correct. He has no symptoms. Can you comment on this?  Is there something we should be doing?  He is very thin, but has plenty of energy.  He's vegan and doesn't drink or use drugs.
Thank you.

Hello Anne

ITP can be present without symptoms also. Easy brushing and bleeding, prolonged bleeding from minor cuts, gum bleed etc are some of the symptoms and if there are no other underlying cause for these a diagnosis of ITP is considered.

Platelet counts are generally low and other blood cells are normal.  


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