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My white blood cells count is lower than normal - 2.6 is the result from my recent physical exam. My neutrophils are low as well - 1350. I've been experiencing low white blood cell count (around 3.5 a 3.8) for the last several years (I checked my med records since 2007). In addition, the rest of my family, my husband and my son, have low blood white cells as well. None of us have health issues, including infections, HIV, anemia, loss of appetite or any other symptoms listed as the most typical for diseases associated with this issue. We are very active, don't get sick very often, and eat healthy. I tried to find something in common for all three of us that can cause the low blood cell but I couldn't. Even environment, diet, lifestyle is different for each of us. I would appreciate if I receive any suggestion regarding the cause of this condition. Thank you in advance!

Hello Irena:

Low white cell count can be due to a host of conditions - infections, bone marrow disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer in bone marrow and certain medicines.

Ideally you should have a bone marrow exam to see what is going on. It may take a process of testing and elimination to arrive at a cause.


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