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On a recent blood test my Immature Granules were slightly high at .4, while WBC was within the normal range (6.7) .  In addition, Alkaline Phosphate was high at 120. During that test my Potassium was 3.6 but 2 weeks later after another blood test I received a phone call saying my Potassium was "critically low". At the time I was experiencing mild dizziness & an elevated heart rate both of which improved after several days on Potassium.  Should I be worried?  Does this indicate anything to you?

Hello Mary
Normal WBC with minimal increase in immature granulocytes is not a cause for concern

Raised alkaline phosphatase is seen in liver or bone disease . Additional liver function tests are required to arrive at a diagnosis.

Low potassium is seen in GI disturbance with diarrhea and vomiting and also with certain medications. Rarely it is dietary deficiency.

I would check alkaline phosphatase again and if it is elevated needs to be evaluated further.


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