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Pathology/27,000 white blood cell count


Recently went to Dr for flu like symthoms.  Blood test showed high white cell count and present of pnumonia.  Was treated with 2 heavy antibolics in buttocks and 10 day pill antibolics plus cough and breathing medicine.  This is my 2nd case since the beginning of this year.  The last 4 years I have had 1-2 cases each year.  However, looking on internet indicate possible cancer and spleen infection possibilities.  Saw the doctor 3 days ago and I am feeling better but not completely.  What would you suggest my next steps to be.  Should I revisit Dr and recheck white cell levels or something else.

How concerned should I be concerning the question of cancer.  I am a prior cancer surviver (head/neck) with chemo, radiation & radial neck surgery.  Been clear for 23 years & currently 68 yrs old.

I really appreaciate your input on this matter.

Hello Carl

It is a good idea to have a repeat of blood counts after a complete course of antibiotics. The counts should revert to normal range indicating the medicine was effective and that indeed you had an infection. I do not think there is any likelihood of cancer.

1-2 bouts of infection a year is not indicative of cancer. If you start finding lumps in head and neck area or elsewhere, have dramatic drop in appetite or weight, that would be worrisome and require further evaluation.


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