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Pathology/Increased WBC, Monocyte, Neutrophils & Immature Granulocytes


I had some blood work recently and have some questions about the results..The counts are a bit off..di I need to be worried?
WBC 15.2          Norm 4-10
%Neutro 73          Norm 34-71
%Eos .5          Norm .7-5.8
Abs Neuts 11.10        Norm 1.56-6.13
Abs Immature Grans .04 Norm .00-.03
Abs Monos .78          Norm .24-.36

I am tired all the time, have joint pain in my hands,ankle and knee in the same side. Dizziness, can only eat small meals and my glands in my neck are swollen all the time. Should I persue this? This is the third time Immature Grans have shown on my blood work, they were .01 the last 2 times.

Hello Misty:

There is an increase in the total white blood cell count (WBC) with increasein neutrophil - both percentage and absolute values. This type of increase are usually seen in case of infection usually bacterial, trauma, inflammation etc.

Please have yourself examined by a physician. The clinical findings and blood test results will be correlated better by a doctor after a complete exam.


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