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Dear  doctor,
My  12 year old  underwt/underht  daughter  has  Hb 6.8   , platelet- 3,14000 ,
Eritrocyte-4.21 million/cmm ,   Total Leucocyte count 6100  cu/mm  ,
Monocytes- 7% ,  Lymphocytes-53%  , Neutrophil-31%  , eosinophil-8%  ,
basophil-1%  , ESR-35  , serum ferritin -6.42 ,  MCV-63.5 , MCH- 16.5 , RDW-20.4,
Hb F- 0.4% , Hb  A2- 2.5%  would you  please look at the  figures and give Your
valued comment.  Stool  occult blood negative.  She used  to have  heavy
period@20 days cycle  lasting for 6/7 days  almost  entirely  last year now it is
somehow stabilised . These tests  were done  during  a recent fever with an upper
lid stye  treated with linezolid  and now gone.  Still   she is   feverish  sometimes
mostly  in the evenings  .she  has polycystic ovary. Her 25.6.12 blood reports were all normal .

Hello Sambudha:

From the blood test report provided by you, your daughter has very low hemoglobin. She has anemia. Also the neutrophil count is low and since you mentioned she had fever it could be most likely viral to cause decrease in neutrophils (a type of blood cell)

Please have a physician review her and start on anti- anemia medication, most likely she has iron deficiency.
The last report was almost a year ago and much can change in that time period.
She may require a bone marrow examination to confirm type of anemia.


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