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Pathology/clarification regarding resent lipid test


Dear Sir.
A patient of Acute Anteroseptal MI since April 2011.CAG revealed normal (re-canalized)and was recommended medical management with restriction of physical exertion. For review Lipid profile test was on April 2012.result as follows:

Serum Cholesterol     = 148 ref : 150-220 mg/dl
Serum Triglycerides   = 169 ref : 40-190 mg/dl
HDL Cholesterol       = 37  ref : 35 mg/dl
LDL Cholesterol       = 77  ref : 130 mg/dl

Thereafter Last few months all over dieting not been followed properly so far and had little bit of oily and fatty food like beef,mutton,poultry,fish,rice etc.

Again for review Lipid Test on 25 Aug 2013:

Serum Cholesterol     = 206 ref : 150-220 mg/dl
Serum Triglycerides   = 411 ref : 40-190 mg/dl
HDL Cholesterol       = 29  ref : 35 mg/dl
LDL Cholesterol       = **  ref : 130 mg/dl

Note: As serum Triglycerides level is more than 400 mg/dl, the LDL Cholesterol value can not be reflected by the present available testing system.

N.B. Blood pressure 120/80, No unusual chest pain, No breathing problem, and used to stair upto 4th floor at least 10 times a day. Is it the miscalculation of testing or having genuine problem indeed. Should he re-examine his lipid profile once again? Please give your valued and expert opinion.

Hello Mizan:

Ideally a lipid profile is done after 10-12 hours fasting - which means have the last meal at night at 8:00pm and give the blood sample for lipid profile at 8:00 am. The kind of diet a person has - (oily fried food, meat, peanuts, other nuts etc) influence the values of lipid profile.

The other symptoms will not appear immediately, the continued exposure to body of fat rich diet and elevated lipid profile over period of time will create damage to heart and blood vessels producing symptoms of high blood pressure, breathlessness etc.

Please follow the diet advised by the doctor / dietitian and repeat the lipid profile after 1 month.


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