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QUESTION: I hope you are able to assist me. I am 30 years old and married and have two children. Last month I went to the hospital to do a PAP smear because of a cancer awareness program. This is the 1st time I am doing PAP smear. I received the lab report yesterday, but I do not understand much about the results. Below are the details, could you assist me with the interpretation? Thank you!

Adequacy of specimen: Satisfactory for evaluation
Interpretation: Negative for interpetithelial lesion or mailigancy
Hormonal Pattern: Progestron effect
Inflammation: Moderate

ANSWER: Hello Taram:

Sorry for the delay in my response.

To begin with let me assure you that your PAP smear report is absolutely fine. This is the kind of result you want.

PAP smear or any biopsy is evaluated on adequacy that is, is there enough material to make a good assessment of the area being examined. Your smear had sufficient cells to assess. The cells examined did not show any evidence of abnormality/ cancer.

The hormones which effect your body are estrogen and progesterone and based on the date of your last menstrual period it can be matched to see if indeed you are in the menstrual phase with progesterone effect ( your Pap smear if taken  at least18 days after the last period would fall under progesterone effect).
Moderate inflammation is significant only if there are associated symptoms like bahu all itching, foul smelling discharge rtc. This would indicate infection. If there are no such symptoms then inflammation is just the normal amount.

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QUESTION: i am sufering with itching and foul smelling discharge. what you suggest?


If there is foul smelling discharge and itching it can be a mild infection …bacterial or fungal, although no fungal elements were reported in your PAP smear.

Your doctor will prescribe medications. I am not an expert at advising treatment.


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