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I have 7 lymph node under my arm  pit  the biggest one is 3cm for 8 years I did biobsy 7 years ago come back negative for lymphoma but recently about 3 month ago I notice swelling on my chest I did ct scan they were 7 lymph node same size after 8 years doctor did core biobsy this time came back with atypical lymphoid cell first result after they did flow cytometry  with this clonal b cell population.predominantly T lymphocytes with normal expression of T associated antigens. I realy do not know I have cancer or not thanks.

Hello Nader:

As far as the report of biopsy and flow is concerned there is no evidence of malignancy in the sample examined. The flow indicates normal population of lymphocytes.

It does not seem to be cancer/ lymphoma however sarcoidosis needs to be ruled out and it's a diagnosis of exclusion. After excluding infectious disease and cancer this may be considered.

Talk to your physician to see what is the plan to arrive at a diagnosis. If nothing's my else comes up, just have regular annual checkup  


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