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Pathology/immature WBC in cbc


Here are my latest cbc

WBC          12.9 H
HGB          9.9  L
HCT          29.9 L
RBC          3.51 L
MCH          27.4 L
RDW-CV          15.1 H
Neutrophils absolute 11.0 H
Neutrophil %         85.1 H
Lymphocyte %         7.9  L

Manual Diff

Segs     81% H
Lymph    6%  L
Myelo    3%  H
Promyelo 1% H

What do these mean


The results need to be viewed in light of your symptoms. There is a mild elevation in total white blood cell count with increase in neutrophils (seg). This is usually seen in bacterial infections. Myelo and promyelo are immature dorms of neutrophils again this minimal increase is seen during infection.

In addition your hemoglobin is low indicating anaemia. Most likely due to iron deficiency.
Your physician will evaluate and treat accordingly


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