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Hi!!  I recently had my gallbladder removed.  There was a lymph node attached to it that yielded a pathology report stating that "multiple non-caseating granulomas or non-lipid lipogranulomas" were noted.  It said that the findings could be consistent with sarcoidosis however also stated that further clinical testing was indicated.  What other conditions may this suggest and who should I see for a proper diagnosis.  I do not have any symptoms of sarcoid.   My mother has lymphoma.  All my blood work is normal.  I had great difficulty urinating after surgery and when I finally could there was blood in my urine and it smelled horrible.  My urine output and significantly increased and I am so thirsty lately too.  I have been tested for diabetes many times and that has been ruled out.  I also have a recent history of preterm birth with one child and loss of another child at 28 weeks gestation.  Any correlation and any thoughts??!! Thank you so very much for your time and help.

Hello Carey:

Non caseating granulomas are seen in sarcoidosis as well as tuberculosis. It is unlikely you have tuberculosis, uless yu have travelld to endemic countries or have been immune compromised.

In 5% cases sarcoidosis can be asymptomatic.

This should not have any relation to loss of pregnancy. You can also have your physician check for diabetes insipidus.

Good luck for your health


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