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Thyroid FNA need help understanding what the report says/means this was my first FNA done in Nov. 2013 waiting on the new ones report from medical records that was just done a few days ago. The final Diagnoses first time around was Cystic Colloid Nodule
"Six Diff-Quik and six Papanicolaou stained slides examined and demonstrate scattered fragments of follicular epithelium in predominantly macrofollicular pattern. Occasional microfollicular structures are present. Features of Papillary carcinoma are not present. A moderate amount of colloid is present in the background. Patchy areas of Hurthle cell change and pigmented macrophages are present suggesting a cystic component."

Hello Carrie

Your FNA report indicates that the lesion is benign and there is no evidence of cancer in the material examined.

Two types of staining - Diff-Quik and Papanicolaou were done. It showed thyroid cells arranged in a large gland like formation  called "follicle" follicles are composed of cells which secrete a proteinaceous material called colloid. Another type of cell called macrophages and modified macrophages called hurtle cells are seen. These are scavenger cells and remove debris and unwanted material. There is colloid present. Due to the combination of cells seen it is considered that the lesion is a cyst filled with colloid.


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