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Pathology/help me undestand these lab results


Normal Ranges

HG 149.0 g/l          140-174
RBS 5.9       ????        4.5-5.5
HTC 50.3 %          45-52
MCV 85.0          84-96
MCH 25.2          27-32
MCHC  296.0   ????        300-350
RDWc 12.4 %          
PLT  201.0x10^9/L          150-400x10^9
PCT 0.16%
MPV 8.0          8.0-15.0
PDWc 37.4%          
P-LCC  49.0X10^9
P-LCR   24.2%
WBC  4.8       ????         5.0-10.0
Band neutrophils  2%        1-6
Segnented neutrophils 51%   47-72
Eosinophils 1%          1-5
Basophils  0          0-1
Monocytes  6%          3-11
Lymphocytes 40%  ????       19-37
ESR  3mm/h          Less 15mm/h

Hello Dali

The blood cell counts report is essentially normal. The hemoglobin is 14.9 so no anemia.

There is a mild decrease in total white cell count. This could be the normal for you, if you do not have any signs and symptoms of disease. The normal range is an average of values obtained from healthy people. Some people can fall out of this range.

There is a relative increase in lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells which are present in chronic infection, recovery from infection or viral infection. Again nothing very serious to worry about.

If you do not have any accompanying complaints of fever, fatigue, cold, sore throat etc this is not clinically significant.


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