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Pathology/Right breast biopsy result


Good day! Please tell me what is the meaning of this biopsy result of says, microscopic examination shows few single and clustered cells with macronucleoli.Necrotic debris is noted in the background. Some cells show variable amount of cytoplasm with variable amount of chromasia of nuclei and macronucleoli. Occasionalintracyptoplasmic vacuoles are also seen...pls send me your feedback as soon as possible.Thank you.

Hello Maria:

Without actually seeing the slides under the microscope I cannot provide a diagnosis.

Your description indicates that few cells are seen scattered singly and in groups. They show some features which can be seen in cells damaged by infection or cancer. Dead cells are also seen. The cells have vacuoles (bubbles) with fluid. Again may be seen in a cyst which is fluid filled or infected

Your doctor can provide better answers. I cannot give a definite diagnosis solely based on description  


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