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Pathology/high esr with fever and svere headache sometime stiffness of hands


my 22 years old sister has elevated esr 90 and sometimes get fever with svere headache .diese start 30 days before we thought that its a viral fever but she get fever with headache and stiffness of hands for 24 hours then she got hospitalization and got antibiotics but she has high esr now not fever .ehat is the reson of high esr and leomocyte is also 52

Hello Sandeep:

ESR is a screening test and indicates chronic disease. Your sisters ESR is definitely high and indicates inflammation. To determine the cause further tests and correlation with physical findings and symptoms is required. Complete blood count and bone marrow exam is also needed to see why counts are high.
Testing for globulins and protein electrophoresis.

She needs thorough work up  


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