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Pathology/High lymphocyte , low segmented and high band cells


Blood test result
Blood test result  
Hello, I decided to go to the hospital ( for a blood test ) because my wife was diagnosed with some infection( she is still running tests though). So I became paranoid. She had symptoms like abdominal pain but I had no symptom.

This is  the result of the blood test

Segment cells  43%  (normal range 47-72)
Band cells.       7%    (Normal  1-6)
Lymphocyte.    40%. (Normal 19-37%)

White Blood 5.4 range 4.5 to 11
Red Blood  5.5. range 4.3 to 5.7
Hemoglobin 146  range 132-173g/l
MPV  11.9  (normal 7.3 - 9) f/l
Color index 0.8 (normal 0.85 - 1.15)

Is there anything here to be concerned about? Like syphillis or any other STD, or cancer?

Specifically, what does it mean to have High lymphocyte , low segmented and  high band cells?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Pablo
The blood values are dynamic and change every time you would be tested. That is why there is a range. The range however is set based on values of a  number of healthy people in a given population. Some people always fall out of this range and that can be their normal range.

Your blood test results are essentially normal. The low segmented and high lymphocytes are minimal decreased or elevated. This could just be normal variation for you since you do not have accompanying signs of infection. However, an infection in the past couple of weeks ago, even a mild cold or sore throat could after recovery show such a picture.

Overall there isn't anything clinically significant.


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