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Hello.  Not sure if you can help or not.  I am a 40 year old female of a healthy weight who recently had a micronutrient test ordered by my neurosurgeon.  He doesn't go over results, but orders it for our PCM.  Just moved and don't have one yet.  The results are showing functional deficiencies in the following nutrients:  Vitamin B3, Insulin, Vitamin B12, Serine (extremely low), Zinc, Oleic Acid, Glutathione (extremely low), and a Fructose Sensitivity.  Should I see a specialist to address these levels?  And which one should I see?  I'm not sure if I should be concerned. Thanks!


It would depend how out of range the parameters are to consider if they are clinically significant. One random value does not make a person deficient of the micronutrient.

I would advise first to consult an internist to see what he/ she has to say about it. If you are otherwise healthy and have no signs and symptoms pertaining to any of these it's unlikely to be a problem.

If necessary the internal Medicine doctor will refer you to a specialist. A neurosurgeon as a preventive care provider doesn't make sense.


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