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Pathology/odd odor in urine and feces


I've mentioned this to my family Dr. who seems not to be concerned but it is bothering me.  I am in my mid 60s and in excellent health.  I had a CT scan of my abdomen early in September (without contrast) in the ER due to a sudden onset of strange pain and sudden gastro symptoms: this turned out to be an odd "bug" going around.  The CT scan showed nothing remarkable.  I have noticed a very odd "spicy" odor in my urine and feces and I think this has been ongoing for some months now.  In September, I began taking a low dose of Quinapril.  I also began drinking an Ensure each day as a quick way to stop hunger (if I am out or lazy at lunch or breakfast).  This odor is very worrisome to me but there is nothing wrong with my bowels (I recently had a colonoscopy) or my bladder.  This is definitely systemic.  Could the Ensure be responsible?  I may be sensitive to one of its ingredients.  If not, do you have any suggestions?

Hello Caroline:

If you are otherwise healthy, have no urinary signs and symptoms of infection (itching, leading, burning sensation) or diabetes, the odor is not worrisome.
Dehydration can cause a foul smell in the urine as can a high protein diet of meat and eggs. Ensure is a protein drink and may be the cause of the odor.

Drink more water and that may help, limit the amount of ensure you drink to one a day. Hope this helps.
I apologize for the delay in my response.


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