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I recently had a skin lesion removed from my lower left eyelid.  The surgeon did not think it was cancer but the biopsy proved otherwise.   The biopsy report states the following:
Skin, left lower eyelid lesion, excision-
A. Invasive well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma (0.5cm)
B. Resection margins are free of tumor
C. Pathologic stage pT1 Nx

Does this report infer that all of the cancer was removed? I am asking as one doctor wants to go in and take more skin out & another is suggested that we just keep an eye on it.

Thanks in advance for your insight.

Hello Beth:

I am sorry for this long delay in answering your query.

The report indicates that the entire tumor was removed. If there are some cells left behind there is no way of knowing if they cannot be visualized.

The margins of biopsy are clear indicating, that the tumor has not spread beyond the excised tissue.
Stage pT1: indicates the tumor is 5 millimeters (mm) or smaller in diameter, or it is not invading the tarsal plate (the supporting structure of the eyelid).
Nx: there is no spread to lymp nodes, small nodules which drain lymph from the area.

I think, you can have a close watch with regular followup and avoid another biopsy


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