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Pathology/Are anti vaxxers a threat to the vaccinated?


My understanding is that vaccination exposes one to a deadened or weakened form of a normally dangerous virus so that the vaccinated develop antibodies so that their bodies now "know" the virus, giving them immunity.

So are anti vaxxers a threat to the vaccinated or just other anti vaxxers and people who would vaccinate but hadn't heard of the vaccination they should have gotten and would have gotten had they known?

If they are a threat to the vaccinated, how? I thought the result of successful vaccination was protection from the virus.

Hello Matt:

Your understanding of the vaccination process is correct. The antibodies acquired as a response to killed bacteria and viruses is protective. The vaccinated children and adults develop immunity against many troublesome diseases.

On the other hand the people who choose not to get vaccinated are themselves at a risk of acquiring the infection .when exposed...they cannot infect those who have been vaccinated with the correct dose and have adequate antibodies.

However, some babies and infants who haven't been vaccinated to get infected with unvaccinated adults or children who acquire a disease. Small babies are more vulnerable and get much more severe disease.


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