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Sick with worry.  Went with the public bus. My phone rung so I touched it.  Came home of course I washed my hands many times and 5 hours later we had dinner. we finished so when I picked up my phone forgot all about the fact I had touched it before with dirty hands and put my hand in my mouth.  Freaking out I keep thinking of everyone's dirty hands on that bus!! What diseases can I get??  I am 39


Please do not worry about touching the phone and putting your hands in the mouth.
If you are a healthy individual your body constantly destroys any bugs which may gain entry to the body. In a day we touch countless surfaces with our hands. Unless you touch body fluids of a sick person like vomit, blood, sputum or know that a surface had these then you may get some more serious bugs. Still to have an infection your body has to have low immunity and a large dose of bugs before you develop a disease.
I think you will be fine.


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