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Hello Dr. Dahiya, Thank you in advance for your time.

It is my understanding that usually excess B12 is removed through the urine, and normal range is 200 - 900 pg/mL.

Previously, without supplements (and I do not eat red meat), my B12 went up to 1200, but other labs showed near normal.

I have had some symptoms that prompted blood labs. (I will leave off symptoms since that is not your area of described interest and expertise, and there is no hematologist on record on this site, so I hope you might be able to assist.)

My labs are almost all prefect. My TSH continues to drop, but is still in normal range. My WBCs are only slightly low. However, my Vit B12 has now elevated to 1669.

I am told this is nothing to worry about. Each time I get sick (even one overnight stay in hospital) I am told I must have had some odd virus. If I was not symptomatic, I would not be concerned.

Is there any other lab test that I might suggest or request the next time I have a serious symptom flare? (I usually just endure the fatigue until something new occurs, e.g., the last time fever and hives along my underarm and groin lymph nodes.)

Thank you.

Hello KT

Mildly elevated B12 levels may not be a cause for concern. However, your levels are continuing to rise.
Elevated levels may signify diseases of blood ..... Like polycythemia Vera, leukemia. Liver disease can also cause this.
Please have yourself evaluated by a hematologist and an internal medicine specialist  


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