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My son is 16 years old, we were at the dermatologist for his acne, but I questioned a dark mole on his leg. It was small, round, no abnormal edges, just really dark.  They reluctantly biopsied it, it came back abnormal.  He has more that are dark & look just like the one they took off.  They are going to biopsy another one when we go back.  I am scared to death, he is only 16, I am 45 & covered with moles, none of mine have ever come back abnormal.  Can you give me some insight or reassurance that he doesn't have some sort of cancer lurking in his body somewhere that is rearing it's ugly head through his mole, or possibly moles?

Hello Jodie:

I apologize for delay in responding to your question. The mole which was biopsied you mentioned came as abnormal. If the biopsy report did not specifically mention cancer it is not cancer. However, abnormal can be anything.... Ranging from inflammation in the mole to an atypical mole. An atypical mole has some features of a regular garden variety mile and some features closes resembling cancer cells but are not clear cut cancer cells. Hence the mole is considered atypical.

Since I haven't seen the biopsy I cannot comment on what it is. It's not good to speculate on my part. I request  you to not be too anxious, wait for the biopsy report and if still it's not clear please send me the report so I can simplify and explain to you.

You could help your son make some lifestyle modification... Avoid exposure to sum for long periods, wear long sleeved clothes and apply sunscreen.

Most atypical moles do not lead anywhere and just stay as such.
Contact me when you get the reports.


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