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Hi Dr. Dahiya,
You have answered many questions for me in the past regarding my husbands test results.  This one is for me.  I have primary progressive ms diagnosed about 3 years ago.  My primary care doctor sent me for routine bloodwork and urinalysis. Some of the urinalysis results came back abnormal which prompted me to call his office.  They told me no problem.  Before I call my neurologist I am hoping you can explain these abnormal results to me.  I am only listing the abnormal ones

HI  leukocyte esterase   trace      normal negative
HI  Urine Nitrate        Positive   normal negative
HI  Urine Bacteria       RARE       normal negative
HI  Renal Epithelial     RARE       normal none

The only medical problem that I have is primary progressive multiple sclerosis.  Tank you in advance.


Hello Maryann:

From your urinalysis it appears that you had a mild urinary tract infection. Presence of nitrate and leukocyte esterase confirms it. However the bacteria are rare, it indicates the infection is either resolving or is just starting. More likely its resolving.

MS can effect the urinary bladder where it may not fill up completely and you may have frequent urge for urination, OR it may delay emptying due to dysfunction so urine stays longer in bladder and may lead to infection. It would be best to discuss with your urologist.

If you have no symptoms, burning or pain during urination etc then this result is not of much concern. Still you should discuss this with your neurologist.

Take care


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