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Pathology/fevers and blood counts


I was just treated for bacterial endocarditis with 42 days of Vancomycin 1.5 gm daily and 1-2 gms Rocephin.
My fevers of 101.5 have returned one day after completing the antibiotics.  

My Hgb continues to drop.  My PT/INR was over 120/INR over 16 with frank blood in urine.
My Hgb is down to 9.3 from 10.8.  I do not have any visible sign of bleeding.
As of 4/2/16 the PT/INR are 40./4.0.  These results have been the same for the past week.
Last dose of warfarin was on 3/10/16.

I believe there is something else going on in my bone marrow, spleen, or liver that my blood counts are still fluctuating and fevers continue.

Your thoughts?

Margie D.

Hello Margie:

Since your fever has returned, that indicates infection still persists in the body. You should consult with your physician and she can do a physical exam and order some tests to rule out if there is any internal bleeding, maybe ulcer in stomach? Though you do not indicate having any symptoms.

A rare side effect of Rocephin is immune mediated hemolytic anemia. That is where your body starts destroying its own blood cells. This could explain your drop in Hgb. I would recommend consult your doctor, or a hematologist.


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