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I have had a sinus infection for 5 weeks. Initially, the ENT sent a culture to a lab that identified strep. Antibiotics seemed to reduce symptoms but do d not completely resolve them. I gave a history of frequent sinus infections. The ENT took another culture which was sent to a fern sequencing lab. The results were positive for 5 different bacteria including staphylococcus epidermidis MRSE (13%).  I was sent to an ID doctor who prescribed Zyvox which is one of the few antibiotics that is effective sgainst all of the identified bacteria. I am concerned that along with the bad bacteria, the beneficial flora is being eradicated.
Could staphylococcus epidermidis MRSE resolve using saline rinses or does it require antibiotics?
Why did the gene sequencing identify bacteria that was not evident in when a culture is sent to a lab for standard processing?

Hi Amy:

It is possible that the bacteria where not enough to begin with to produce significant growth in culture.
Gene sequencing can use even minimal bacterial genetic material (DNA) and amplify it for detection and identification.
Staph epidermidis which is MRSE is a resistant strain of bacteria to most routine antibiotics and requires stronger antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria.
Saline rinses will not help.
Unfortunately a side effect of antibiotics is that it can kill normal bacteria found in the body, however it takes a long term use of the drugs to do so


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