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QUESTION: Last year pap was normal and dna was hpv negative.  Married 21 years faithful.  Suddenly I have this diagnosis.  Does E6/E7 mean high risk of getting cancer?

ANSWER: Hello Jill
I apologize for delay in responding to your query.

E6/E7 detection of HPV viral proteins is more sensitive and specific predictor for risk of developing cancer. It does not say one will definitely develop cancer.
new markers, specifically E6 and E7 oncoproteins, may help to more accurately assess cervical cancer risk in HPV-infected women,

Your result of ASCUS means there are some abnormal
Cells seen in PAP of unknown significance. In addition viral protein is detected. It does indicate a higher risk of cancer. However current recommendations with this are to have a colposcopy done. That is examination of cervical region by a gynecologist and if required biopsy of any suspicious areas.

You can also always ask for a second opinion or a repeat of the test.

I hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Had colposcopy and found one tiny white spot a third size of a dime !  Does that mean most likely cancer

Hello again:

The doctor would have biopsied any suspicious looking area. A pathologist will examine and can tell if the cells in the area are cancerous or are just abnormal and may develop into cancer at a later stage.

Often times, especially if the lesion is very tiny the colposcopic biopsy itself is therapeutic and removes offending lesion.
Please wait for the biopsy result for final diagnosis  


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